Blind Eyes of God is a story chapter in Mafia III.


Just when Lincoln thought it was over, he's faced with what could be his toughest decision yet.


Blind Eyes of God 02

With Sal Marcano dead and his organization wiped out, Lincoln goes to see John Donovan and Father James. While Donovan is excited to hear the news of Marcano's fate, Father James is shocked to find out that Lincoln is considering taking over control of the city himself. He pleads with him to reconsider his original plan of leaving New Bordeaux behind and getting a fresh start in California. He warns Lincoln that if he does anything but leave, things between them are over.


  • Talk with Donovan and Father James.
  • Take the throne or leave town.


See Mafia III Endings.

Once you've made your choice you will see one of several ending cutscenes depending on the choices you made throughout the game, after which the Mafia III Credits will roll. Part way into them there will be one last cutscene of John Donovan's final testimony before the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

After Credits

After the ending credits are over, the main menu will load and you may continue your game.

  • If you chose to stay and rule together you will spawn back at Eaglehurst Plantation and be allowed to free roam the game for collectibles or to finish any optional missions for your underbosses you left undone and you will continue to collect kickback from them.
  • If you chose to rule alone or leave New Bordeaux you will spawn back before you made that choice and be allowed to redo the mission or free roam.


  • If you wish to see all three possible endings for your playthrough you need to choose the rule together option last.


  • After leaving New Bordeaux and watching the credits, when choosing continue, Lincoln will respawn at Bellaire's Supermarket. After this, while standing next to your vehicle the radio will be playing while simultaneously making the sound effect of changing the stations. This can be corrected after entering your vehicle and toggling the radio on/off key.