Billy Barnes is a minor character in Mafia II. He is the leader of the Greasers street gang.


Billy is a former U.S. Army tank engineer. In 1951, he and several other Greasers confronted Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, who were selling cigarettes in South Millville, which happened to be Greaser turf. After a challenging conversation Billy ordered his gang to burn the truck, and then Joe shot him in the face and killed him in retaliation.

Vito and Joe then took his car and chased after the other greasers, but their hot rod truck proved too fast and they lost them. Afterwards Vito and Joe met up with Marty, Steve, and his crew to seek revenge on the Greasers at the Empire Bay Forge.

Mission Appearances


  • He owns a supercharged Potomac Indian, which is a unique car in the game unless you own any of the Jimmy DLCs.
  • He originally wore a trucker cap during his encounter.


  • Billy about to be shot by Joe
  • Billy's custom Indian
  • Billy's custom Indian