Bill Lobley is a voice actor in Mafia II.

Born in Bronxville NY, Bill began his career in Sketch Comedy & Improvisation. An accomplished puppeteer, he's worked extensively in Voiceovers for TV & Radio, as well as in Animation for Nickelodeon, Fox, Disney, Cartoon Network, and MTV among others, which he is too modest to list here.

Along with his work on Grownup Audio Books, he is an award winning Children’s Book narrator. He can be heard voicing inspiring heroes and bloodthirsty, foul-mouthed villains alike in popular video games. TV appearances include Would You Rather (BBC), NYPD Blue, Ed , Obsessive Compulsive Dinners, many On Camera commercials, and he can occasionally be spotted doing quirky Food & Cocktail videos on places like You Tube and Fox's "Redeye".

† As 2k Czech did not give full credits to voice actors in Mafia II, we are not certain this actor voiced the parts listed. If you have confirmation either way please contact one of our admins.