The Big Mouth Jazz Club is a location in Mafia III.


The Big Mouth Jazz Club is located in the French Ward. It features a live jazz band with a bass player, a pianist and drummer.

The Cistern

The Cistern is a drug den below the club where the drugs racket is located. It consists of multiple levels with a main lounge area and bar. The drugs are brought in through the Underground Canals, which may be accessed by passageway just after the main bar. It can be accessed through the stairway in Big Mouth's above, through a passage in the alleyway behind the club or through the canals.


Racket Entrances

During takeover, the racket may be entered through the following points.

Ground Level

  • The main front entrance to the club.
  • The rear door entrance to the club.


  • Underground entrance located in the alleyway behind the club.
  • Through the Underground Canals. Closest access is alleyway behind the 800 Club, one block southwest.

Notable Items






Information coming soon.


  • Live jazz band

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