Big Money is a story mission in Stones Unturned.


You've found the crash site. Now to see if The Nuke is still in the area.


Aircraft Crash Site

Downed aircraft

As Lincoln and Donovan drive to the crash site, they discuss what would happen if Aldridge gets his hands on The Nuke. Donovan explains that according to the MAD doctrine, the only thing keeping us from full-scale nuclear annihilation is knowing that there's enough nuclear weapons between the United States and the Soviet Union to wipe out the entire planet. Mutually assured destruction is the fail-safe, but if a single nuke were to fall into the hands of some rogue actor, all bets are off.

When they reach the crash site, they find the area swarming with mercenaries. Donovan takes position on a turret above while Lincoln covers the ground level. When they've cleared them out they enter the plane, only to find the nuke gone. One of Aldridge's men enters and attempts to take them prisoner, but Lincoln quickly overpowers him. Donovan questions the merc about Aldridge's plan, and is told that he has a contact inside the NVA, a general, who will pay big money for it.

Before they can question him further, they come under heavy fire and find themselves surrounded by men once again. The two manage to take the mercs out and commandeer a turret truck before going forward.


Aldridge's Mercenaries 5

Mercenaries attack

Drive to the clearing.

Find the crash site.

  • Follow your mission marker down the dirt road. As you approach the crash site, the vehicle will come to a stop and Lincoln and Donovan will get out.

Get to the plane.

  • When you come to the ledge, use the interact button to help Donovan up, then head between the rocks on the left. Donovan will take out a couple mercenaries from above while Lincoln makes his way below.

Search the crashed plane.

  • Move forward into the camp and begin clearing out the mercenaries. Donovan will open fire from the turret above once combat mode is entered.

Clear the crash site.

  • As you cross the wooden bridge, Donovan will leave the turret and join Lincoln below. Finish clearing out the mercs around the crashed plane.

Open the cargo door.

  • Approach the rear cargo door and Lincoln and Donovan will enter the plane looking for The Nuke.

Escape the mercs.

  • After the cutscene, you will be under heavy fire from several mercs, including a turret on the cliff above. Taking out the remaining men will complete the mission.


Completing this mission will grant the Big Money achievement and lead directly into There Are No Dominos.


  • Reloading the checkpoint after completing the mission will cause all the supplies and weapons to disappear from the crash site.