Betty Johnson is a character in Mafia III.



Vito Scaletta has trusted his friend Betty Johnson as his personal banker for years. If you've got too much cash on hand and you're afraid to lose it, call her and she'll come running to pick it up.

Current Operations

She is an associate of Vito and member of the Italian Gang. She is available with the Consigliere perk, which Lincoln will get for giving Vito control over districts and rackets. She can bank Lincoln's money, get enemy locations, and pick up kickback for him.


Inside man.

  • Locate enemies and collect kickback.


Betty is first available in Work the Man Who Bleeds, after rescuing Vito from the freezer. She remains available throughout the remainder of the game.


  • When called, she often refers to Lincoln as "Cher", a Louisiana Creole term meaning "darling," "sweetie" or "honey." that's derived from the French "chéri."


  • Betty arriving in her Potomac Independent