Berkley Kingfisher Theft is a vehicle theft mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

J Icon VT"I got a tip for you, Jimmy. Get some decent wheels! Every car you drive is a piece of crap. People judge you on the car you drive, you know. Like the shoes you wear. You probably need some new shoes too, come to think of it. But I'm a car dealer, not a... err... shoe... guy. Listen, I know where to find a nice Berkley Kingfisher, go procure it and it's all yours."


This is another one for Jimmy to keep. Drive about a block down the street and the car will be in an alley behind a chain link gate. Just grab the car and drive it to the safehouse in Oyster Bay.

You're given plenty of time on the clock so take it easy and avoid damage if you want the maximum payout, or drive fast and rack up extra velocity points if you prefer a higher mission score, your choice. When you reach the safehouse park under the rotating 'P' icon to end the mission.


  • The car has a fully upgraded engine.
  • As with the Shubert Beverly Theft, this vehicle is automatically placed in your garage and you're unable to remove it because it can't be sold or crushed. Your only option is to wait until your garage is full and replace it with another vehicle. Again, if your garage is currently full this will permanently raise its capacity by one vehicle.