The Berkley Freerider is a vehicle in Mafia III.


The Berkley Freerider is a three-door passenger van.


67 Speed
65 Acceleration
54 Handling
32 Durability


This vehicle is added with the Faster, Baby! DLC. It becomes available from the Vehicle Delivery menu after reaching the max Herbalism level.


Custom Decals

The Freerider has two custom decals available at Big Rick's Custom Auto.

  • Free Ridin' - Comes standard on the van.
  • Armageddon Van - Complete All for the Blessed to unlock.


  • It is similar in appearance to the second generation Volkswagen Type 2, better known as the Volkswagen Bus.
  • M.J. owns one with a decal, which can be removed at Big Rick's Custom Auto after becoming available from the Vehicle Delivery menu.
  • The Sign of the Times DLC adds an Armageddon Van decal that can be applies at Big Ricks.


  • Rear View
  • With Free Ridin' decal
  • With Armageddon Van decal
  • Berkley logo

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