Bayou Fantom is a district in New Bordeaux consisting of marshlands and located on the southern outskirts of the city.


While there are no rackets in Bayou Fantom, it is loosely controlled by the Dixie Mafia, who use the district to traffic in marijuana, moonshine and stolen goods. Eaglehurst Plantation is where Lincoln Clay and his underbosses hold their sitdowns after each district is taken over to decide who will get final control over it.

Locations of Interest



  • In reality New Orleans is several hours from the closest bayou. Wanting to include the area in the game, Hangar 13 placed Bayou Fantom right outside the city.


  • After update 1.090.0, a road in the western portion of Bayou Fantom no longer shows on the game map.


  • As seen in Real Nice Time
  • Feed a Gator
  • Bayou Fantom Brochure
  • Missing road bug

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