The Barker 390 (Gator Skin) is a weapon in Mafia III.


A little extra flesh to go with the 390's bang, this custom job has all of the added ammo capacity of the standard model.


77 % Damage
17 % Accuracy
17 % Rate of Fire
10 % Capacity
16-41 % Stability


Available as part of the Family Kick-Back Pack DLC. When installed, the weapon can be equipped for free from the Arms Dealer mobile store.

Real World

Like its standard counterpart the Barker 390, the Barker 390 (Gator Skin) is based on the Remington 870.


  • Aside from the custom appearance and increased reserve ammo count, this weapon is identical to the Barker 390.
  • When buying the weapon from the Arms Dealer, it uses the same image as the Riot 550.


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