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Barge Docks is a location in Mafia III.


The Barge Docks are a series of five docks located along the shore of Barclay Mills, with three on the western shore and two on the east. They are used in the garbage racket to load hazardous waste onto barges for disposal into the river.


Notable Items

  • $13,875 in cash in various locations at three of the docks.
    • $6375 at the southwest barge dock.
    • $4250 at the northeast barge dock.
    • $3250 at the northwest barge dock. (Note: See trivia entry below.)
  • A note in the northeast dock.


  • The northwest barge dock is also the spawning location of Racket Informant Santo Giuse. If he is not chosen for interrogation, the money and barges at that location will disappear when the interrogation objective is complete.


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