Bang Bang Chicken is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Tam Brodie. BJ Icon B
"Jimmy, it's Tam. Listen boy, this is important. I just had a sit down with Sal Gravina, and we reckon it's high time we do away with the Chinese before they cause a fucking war. That prick Eddie Fu is hiding out in a restaurant in Chinatown. We was thinking you could get down there and wipe him and his crew out for good. There's a pretty penny in it for you, if you're up to it of course... What do you say?"


Enter the Red Dragon restaurant and you will immediately come under fire. Take cover and kill the six to eight Triads in the room. When it's clear make your way to the far end and cross over the stairs to the door entering the kitchen. The pathway from here is pretty linear, just head through the kitchen, down a hallway to an alley, and up some stairs into an opium den. Make your way through, killing the Triads as you go.

You will come to an elevator; enter it and activate the panel to go down. You will exit the elevator into a storage room with several Triads taking cover throughout. Be careful as there may be one or more to either side of you as you exit. Work your way through this room, down a hallway, and through the next where you will come to another elevator. On the opposite end of this room is a small room filled with weapons and ammo if you're running low.

Take the elevator down, but this time you have to open the door yourself to exit. At the end of this short hallway you will find two guards and Eddie Fu inside a small office. When they're dead, backtrack up one level and you will find a now open door at the opposite end of the room with a stairway that exits you into an alley where the safe zone is.


Some console users have reported a bug that happens when you reach the bottom in the elevator, if you try to open the door yourself you will get stuck inside. If this occurs you will need to restart the mission and wait for the door to open on its own.


  • Bang bang chicken is a traditional street vendor's dish from the Szechuan region of China. The name comes from the pounding of the chicken, which is both tenderized and shredded with a heavy wooden stick.
  • It is sometimes possible to access the restaurant outside of the mission by starting the mission, going inside, and then restarting from the save. However, the elevator does not work, so you cannot go beyond the opium den.