Baka is a character in Mafia III.



The Haitians didn't see eye-to-eye with Sammy Robinson, leader of the Black Mob, because they thought of him as a traitor for working with Sal Marcano. They began interfering with his operations, like the black lottery, in an effort to overthrow him and gain control of Delray Hollow for themselves.

Baka was widely thought to be the boss of the Haitian Mob; it was only after his death that Cassandra emerged as the Haitians' true leader.


As the suspected leader of the group, Baka was killed when Lincoln Clay infiltrated the Haitian Camp in Bayou Fantom seeking to put an end to their interference in the Black Mob's affairs.



  • When Baka is attacked by Lincoln, he says "ou vo anyen bata", which translates "you worthless bastard".
  • He also calls Sammy a "trayi jezi", which means a "traitor".


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