An Associate is an unofficial low level member of a criminal organization or family who often works in their rackets or carries out small jobs, illegal in nature, for other members. They may also be corrupt politicians, union officials or businessmen who use their influence to perform favors for a criminal organization in return for monetary or other compensation. While associates are not official members, they may become one at some future point if they prove their worth.

Notable Associates

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
Mafia II


  • Ralph, Salieri Crime Family
  • Lucas Bertone, Salieri Crime Family
  • The Doctor, Salieri Crime Family
  • Vincenzo, Salieri Crime Family
  • Luigi, Salieri Crime Family
  • Carlo, Salieri Crime Family
  • Corleone manager, Morello Crime Family
  • City councilor, Morello Crime Family
  • Vito Scaletta, Clemente and Falcone family
  • Joe Barbaro, Clemente and Falcone family
  • Marty, Falcone family

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