Ascot Bailey Theft is a vehicle theft mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

J Icon VT"I don't know what I'd do without you, Jimmy. You really are one in a million. I got some information today on where to find an Ascot Bailey. That's a really classy car. Go take it my friend and keep it for yourself, you earned it.


This is the final theft mission in Jimmy's Vendetta and it's a car Jimmy gets to keep for himself. Short and sweet, head around the corner to pick up the car and drive it to your safehouse in Oyster Bay.

Unlike the previous two you got to keep, this one isn't supercharged. However, it is sports tuned and you'll get an additional $1500.00 to fix it up to your liking. When you complete this mission you will also receive the Carnapper achievement.


  • As in the Beverly and Kingfisher thefts, this vehicle is automatically placed in your garage and you're unable to remove it because it can't be sold or crushed. Your only option is to wait until your garage is full and replace it with another vehicle. Again, if your garage is currently full this will permanently raise its capacity by one vehicle.