Antonio Scaletta is a minor character in Mafia II.


Life in Sicily

He was born in Sicily. He was married to Maria Scaletta in San Martino and later had two children: a daughter named Francesca, born in 1921 and a son named Vito, born in 1925.

Life in Empire Bay

While his children were still young, he moved his family to America in the hope of escaping the poverty they had suffered in Sicily. However, even in their new home in Hunters Point, a better life evaded them and years of hardship followed as they struggled to make ends meet in a strange country. It is believed he was a gambler and an alcoholic.

Death and Debt

In 1943, Antonio died. After Vito left for the war, Francesca and Maria discovered he had taken money from a loan shark named Bruno Levine totaling $2,000, believing he could help his family until he found a better job than his current occupation as a dock worker for Derek Pappalardo.

Events of Mafia II

Late in the game, it is revealed that Pappalardo ordered the death of Antonio, and his boss's right hand man Stephen "Steve" Coyne had followed the order by drowning him to death. This was covered up with a story saying that he "fell into the water, apparently drunk", although the reason for this is unclear. However, Vito's comment about "following in his footsteps" suggest that Antonio was engaged in some less than legal business with Derek, perhaps the "better job" he needed to pay Bruno back.



  • Antonio spent most of his money on alcohol while working at the docks.
  • Vito inherits most of his father's features as they both look alike. Many of the dock workers commented on this.
  • Vito cared about his father, and when he discovered Antonio died by being drowned to death by Steve Coyne, Vito avenges his father's death by killing Derek Pappalardo and Steve Coyne.
  • His name was probably inspired by the father of Don Corleone who appears in The Godfather Part II as they are both called Antonio and both have sons named Vito.