The Angelo Family is an Italian family in which, among others, famous 1930s mobster and protagonist of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Tommy Angelo belonged. The family is, apart from the United States and the Salieri Crime Family, the only thing that Tommy ever feels that he truly belongs to.


Not much is known about the origins of the Angelo Family, except that it is originally from Italy. Nothing is known about the parents or possible siblings of Tommy Angelo. This brings the total amount of known members down to three: Tommy Angelo, his wife Sarah Angelo and their daughter.

The family was formed sometime between 1933 and 1935 when Tommy and Sarah married in Lost Heaven. They had met through Sarah's father Luigi, the bartender of Salieri's Bar, when Luigi asked Tommy to escort Sarah home to her apartment a little walk away from the bar. However, on the late-night walk home, they were attacked by hoodlums attempting to rape Sarah. Tommy fought them off, getting hurt in the process, before finally reaching her apartment. Once there, Sarah treated him for his wounds and then had sex with him.

They were married some time later, but it is not known exactly when. Neither is it known when their daughter was born.

After Tommy's famous testimony against the Salieri family, which put a large amount of mobsters behind bars, as well as sent some to death row and execution through the electric chair, Tommy was sentenced to eight years in prison. Upon his release in 1946, the family moved to Empire Bay to live in a nice suburban residence on Oak Street in Greenfield. Tommy got a job as a driver for the Empire Bay Cab & Co. and it is presumed that Sarah became a house wife.

In September 1951, fate finally caught up with him as Falcone soldiers Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro murdered him with a shotgun to his chest while he was watering his lawn. It is unknown what happened to the remains of the family after his murder.


  • Sarah Angelo
  • Thomas Angelo, 1951
  • Thomas Angelo, 1938
  • Thomas Angelo, moments before his death
  • Thomas Angelo replying 'Uhm, Yes?' to Vito
  • Luigi, Sarah's father
  • Sarah and Michelle as seen in Tommy's flashback
  • Sarah and Tommy with Michelle in Tommy's flashback
  • The Angelo Family's house as seen in the Epilogue of Mafia