Andy Turetto is a character in Mafia III.



Andy Turetto is the Racket Boss of the extortion racket in River Row, running it for Michael Grecco. A mob lifer, Andy might not be thrilled about working for Grecco, but that's not going to stop him from doing his job. The fact that he's survived this long tells you he's not to be messed with. [1]

Current Operations

The union extortion racket is a simple, yet profitable one. If you want to work, you pay Turetto's people. If you want to use union labor, you pay Turetto's people. Roberto Albano and Stitch Gallo keep the Dock Union members in line and paying their dues on time. To ensure strict control over the work permits, Turetto keeps them under lock and key inside nearby Union Trailers. The cash is collected by bagmen, who take it to a nearby stash house for counting.


In 1968, Turetto's racket was taken over by Lincoln Clay, who was working with inside information he received from Jock Blanchard. Lincoln damaged Andy's extortion operation by killing his Union Enforcers and damaging the racket's assets. Once everything fell apart, Turetto was drawn out, giving Lincoln the opportunity to confront him. After successfully infiltrating Rigolet's Canning Company, Lincoln dealt with Turetto and ended his association with the Marcano Crime Family.



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