An Instrument of Justice is a story mission in Faster, Baby!.


A local preacher's congregation is under threat. See what you can do to help them.

An Instrument of Justice is one of three sub-missions needed to complete Concerned Citizens.


An Instrument of Justice 2

Dutch speaking at the rally

After the capture and incarceration of Sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont by Lincoln and Roxy Laveau, Beaumont turns to the Southern Union to keep Sinclair Parish in line. The Southern Union fear their way of life is under threat, so they gather their leaders together at two events around the Parish.

One event is a recruitment rally held at the Parish Pride Mobile Homes trailer park to gain support in their effort to keep the Perish an all-white community. The rally is presided over by Dutch, a Southern Union leader, who uses the event to announce his plans to run for Sheriff in the fall to take over for Beaumont. [1] While Dutch and the other leaders hold the rally at the trailer park, another group has gathered at an Old Farm to discuss their future plans in the Parish.

When Jeremiah learns of the gatherings, he fears his congregation is under threat, so he contacts Charles Laveau, who sends Lincoln to try and help. After speaking with Jeremiah, Lincoln heads to the two gatherings and raises hell, killing their leaders and putting an end to the Southern Union threat, which eases Jeremiah's mind.


An Instrument of Justice 3

Rally at the Old Farm

Talk to the preacher.

Kill the Southern Union leaders.

  • Destroy the barn rally.
    • Drive to the Old Farm in northern Sinclair Parish and kill the leaders. They will be marked with a white cross-hair over their heads.
  • Destroy the trailer park rally.
  • The mission tutorial suggests using a vehicle to wreak havoc at the gatherings. Alternatively, you may exit your vehicle and approach on foot. If you use a stealth approach there are several conversations that can be overheard among the Southern Union members.

Return to the preacher.

  • Return to Jeremiah, who thanks Lincoln and sends his thanks to Charles Laveau for all he's trying to do for the people of Sinclair Parish.



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  1. Speech given during rally.