Alvarez is a character in Mafia III.

"If you try and fuck me, I'll kill you."


Alvarez is a Cuban counterfeiter who worked for Sal Marcano to counterfeit money.

After the Federal Reserve heist Sal managed to acquire some money plates, and he had his younger brother Tommy Marcano hire a counterfeiter since Sal wasn't able to counterfeit on his own. Tommy hired Alvarez to do the job. However, at that time, Lincoln Clay learned through Frank Pagani of the plates' existence and of Alvarez.

Lincoln then went to the Southdowns district, where Tommy and Alvarez operated, and took over Tommy's rackets. Distrusting the Marcanos, Alvarez contacted his uncle Zarraga and asked him to go pick him up to return to Cuba, and his uncle agreed to do so. Unknown to Alvarez, Zarraga was connected to the Marcanos, and after receiving his nephew's message, instantly ratted him out to the Marcanos.

Alvarez, who was hiding at the Anderson Bay Lighthouse, was surprised by a small number of hitmen sent by Tommy to get him. However, Lincoln arrived just in time and rescued Alvarez, who although hesitant to trust Lincoln at first, decided to flee the area with him. Escaping a squad of Marcano hitmen, Alvarez was brought by Lincoln to Father James' church.

There, Lincoln explained to Father James that Alvarez would be killed by Marcano if he stayed in town, or in the entire country for that matter. Father James, although hesitant at first, agreed to help Alvarez flee the country, saying that he knew a Jesuit in New Mexico that helped men in these situations.




  • Alvarez's journal entry depicts him wearing a hat, suggesting that he had one during the beta version of the game.


  • Alvarez meets Lincoln Clay