Acts of God is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Sal Gravina. BJ Icon G
"Hi, Jimmy, it's Sal here. Me and a couple of the boys here have been thinking. Elroy Tussle needs his wings clipped. These Bombers are becoming a real headache. Tussle runs a protection racket in Sand Island. We should question his ability to protect his clients, you know what I mean? Get down there and do a little vandalism. Three stores ought to do it."


Be careful on this mission because the patrons inside the shops are often armed and will open fire the moment you draw a weapon. Drive to the first marker, the Steaks & Chops and begin shooting the place up. Feel free to take the contents of the cash register and grab a free sandwich to replenish your health if needed.

Drive the short distance to the next shop, a Dipton Apparel, and repeat the process. You most likely have a wanted status by now so help yourself to a free outfit then head down the street to the final location, a McClusky & Son gun store. Take cover just outside the door and kill the owner inside. Gun stores have a decent amount of cash so take that, then shoot up the gun displays and any glass until you have caused enough damage. When done head to the safe zone to complete the mission.


  • Many male residents of Sand Island are armed and will not hesitate to open fire the moment you kill anyone in the area. It's highly advisable to drive a vehicle that will offer some protection against bullets because they will fire on you as you drive from one mission location to the next.