A Rich Reward is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Sal Gravina. BJ Icon B
"Jimmy! Sal. I just spoke to Tam Brodie, he told me you dealt with Eddie Fu. You did a good thing there Jimmy, a really good thing. Stopped a fucking war. You need to get paid. We'll do the handover in Riverside near the railway bridge. He's in a bright red car - a sporty little number. The cash is in the trunk. You can keep the car as well. Thanks again, Jimmy. Come over for dinner sometime, Maria would love to see you!"


The mission begins across the street from your safehouse in Greenfield. When activated it will suddenly become a bright sunny afternoon, regardless of the current time or weather.

Make the short drive to Riverside where you will find a cherry red Berkley Kingfisher parked in a back lot. Entering the vehicle will trigger a cut scene wrapping up the DLC and showing Jimmy's fate.

Afterwards Jimmy will appear outside his safehouse in Oyster Bay where you can replay any mission for fun, extra money or to improve your score. Congratulations on completing The Betrayal of Jimmy and hopefully you will continue on to Jimmy's Vendetta and see how things turn out for him.


  • In the cutscene the police cars have modern sounding sirens.
  • The Berkley Kingfisher Jimmy gets into is painted cherry red and is very clean; however, in the cutscene it's painted rose and is extremely dirty.
  • In the cutscene the Berkley Kingfisher shares the same license plate as Joe's Culver Empire, FQ-358.
  • In the cutscene one police car has the license plate AAAAAA.