A Good Man is a story mission in Faster, Baby!.


Go speak with Irma and find out what the Sheriff's Department is trying to bury.

A Good Man is one of three sub-missions needed to complete Concerned Citizens.


A Good Man 2

Deputies burning documents

Irma's husband Bobby Lee, a deputy who worked in the Sinclair Sheriff's record department, overheard Deputy Tupelo discussing a plan to destroy documents from the department that incriminate them and Sheriff Beaumont in the civil rights case against him. When Tupelo learned Bobby knew of the plan, he killed him. Now widowed, Irma turned to Charles Laveau for help setting things right. When Lincoln arrives at her house, she informs him of Tupelo's plan and where he can be found.

When Lincoln confronts Tupelo in his private club beneath Landry's Roadhouse, Tupelo says that he's too late and that the documents are already being burned at the old Miller Farm. After killing the Deputy, Lincoln heads to the farm and finds boxes of documents being thrown onto a bonfire by the Deputies there. He finds a Sheriff's Department vehicle still loaded with files and takes it to a local body shop for safekeeping until Laveau's people can collect it.


A Good Man 3

Truck full of evidence

Talk to the widow.

Head to Landry's.

Find Tupelo.

  • Deputy Tupelo will be in a private club located beneath Landry's. You will find the entrance out back.

Interrogate Tupelo.

  • Tupelo will inform Lincoln that the documents are currently being burned at the old Miller Farm just north of there.

Go to the burn site.

  • When you get to the farm, there will be about eight Deputies around the complex.
    • If you use a stealth approach, there will be two conversations you can overhear among the Deputies there.

Steal the evidence truck.

Stash the evidence truck.

Call in the pickup.

  • Head inside Big Rick's and use the phone to call Laveau.



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