The 1911 Special is a weapon in Mafia II.

It is a version of the 1911 Semi with a nickel finish, different grip, and modified to hold a larger magazine.


The weapon has a magazine capacity of 23 rounds and the player can carry an additional 3 magazines for a total of 92 rounds. It has a semi-automatic rate of fire with a low amount of recoil, making it extremely accurate, however its usefulness is limited due to the scarcity of the ammunition. It occupies a slot in the right of the weapons HUD along with other one handed weapons.


They first become available in Chapter 10, when Joe will give the weapon to Vito. After that they can be bought at Giuseppe's Shop, which is the only place you can buy additional ammo for the weapon.

The weapon is available for purchase from Giuseppe's Shop from the beginning of all three Mafia II DLCs.


  • When Joe first gives the weapon to Vito, he calls it a "1911 Cole with a modified clip". It's unknown if this was a mistake or the developers intended Cole to be the manufacturer.
  • Joe also claims they are the only two in the whole world, despite them being readily available at Giuseppe's Shop afterwards.